Cherritastic giveaway! CLOSED

Ahhaha, sorry for the title, but I didn't want to name it 'my first giveaway' since one is already running! So this is a little thank you to all my followers! I never tought that someone would actually follow me, so every new follower makes my heart jump of joy! I will have two prizes, none really big tho. Sorry, that will be the next time ;). The giveaway is open to EVERYONE! 1st prize:
  • Essence Quick Dry Nail Spray
  • Essence Nail polish corrector pencil
  • Essence Click&Color nail polish pen - 04 Hot Coral
  • Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow - 03 Dress to Impress
  • L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)
2nd prize:
  • Essence Mini Lipgloss Trio
  • Essence Show Your Feet - 04 Verry Berry
  • Essence Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish - 29 Glam Girl
  • L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream (30ml)
What you have to do? * Be a follower * Blog about it and link it! * Leave me a comment on this post, saying which prize would you like to get and why. ^^ Edit: Don't forget to blog about it, if you'll post your email I can't cound it as a blog entry and will delete it! I will ask your email AFTER you win!
The contest ends 15. June 09 (15.06.09) on midnight, and only one comment per person is allowed! The winners will be chosen randomly, I will write all the names down, number them and put them into a random generator. Have fun and good luck everyone! xoxo The contest is closed now!


  1. I am a follower now.
    I blogged about it here
    I would love to win the 2nd prize.I love mini lip gloss love it

  2. I'm a follower. I twittered about your contest because I don't have a blog ( I'd really be happy winning either prize, but I do like lip gloss :)

  3. I'm a follower =)
    I blogged
    I like prize #2


  4. I am a proud follower (thank you to another blogger who pointed me in your direction! Hope you will follow my blog right back!)

    I blogged:

    Boy, both are wonderful packages. To only chose one though, I would have to say package #1, why, because of the quick dry spray. I cannot stand to wait for polish to dry between coats or to wait before I can get back onto my routine, so that would be awesome! I love the eyeshadow as well, call me a sucker for shimmer and sparkle! [email protected]

  5. hi.. i just blogged about you contest :

    i love both your prizes but i love to get #2.. i love lipglosses,, the essence trio lip glosses looks so cute.. the hand cream is also very nice since i have dry and course hands (grr,, ) and finally the Essence Show Your Feet - 04 Verry Berry seems interesting.. does it make your feet look pink? the sole? i love wearing flipflops and that would be very nice to use.. :D

    my email ad: [email protected]


  6. Hi! Nice bloggie! I'm following!

    I just blogged about your giveaway contest:

    Hmm... both prizes are great! But... as a lipgloss addict, I have to go with the second prize! Mini lipgloss trio... & nail polish! Oh & that L'Occitane hand cream must be amazing... =D

  7. I'm a follower. I blogged here :

    I would love prize #1..Thanks! :)

  8. im a follower and i blogged

    its at the top of the post.

    i would LOVE to win the 1st prize!
    i'm a nanny, so i clean up after puke, poop, pee, and food messes all day, and i would love to have the hand creme, AND the nail corrector pen, cause i dont have the steadiest hands when applying polish!(^-^)

  9. Hi! I'm a new follower.
    I blogged about your giveaway here.

    I'd love to win prize #2.
    The lipgloss set looks yummy! :)

  10. I'm a follower and i have blogged about it here

    I'd love to win prize #1

    This being that i love nail polish!But unfortunately i can't really apply it as i havent got the stediest hands in the world so the corrector pen would be awsome also id say prize no#1 because i don't really have the time to let my nails dry as im generally quite busy so the the quick dry spray would be a saviour aswell as the click and colour pen so its easier and quicker to apply and comes in a coral colour (my favorite colour on nails-i dont know why but i love it !)!

    Anyway thanks !



  11. I am a follower.

    I love your blog.

    I blogged about it:

    I would love any package but number #2 has some cute nail polishes.

  12. Hi there! I don't have a blog but I did tweet about the giveaway:

    I'm a new follower!:)
    I'd love to win prize 2 because I'd love to try the lip glosses.

  13. Hi love your blog, I follow it, and I also blogged about your giveaway on my own blog at
    I pick no 2 prize cause I just go nuts for lip gloss, and also I love the nail polish colors,
    Have a great day dear..
    [email protected]

  14. i follow, i blogged

    i like prize #1...i have been really wanting to try a nail polish pen!

  15. Hi sweets~

    I made a post to your giveaway!! I hope you get more followers!!

    great giveaway~ girls hands always need a good care! prize #1 is great for nail lovers~ especially the fast drying spray!! good luck HUN~! ^__^

  16. Great Prizes!

    I am now a fellow blogging follower.

    Here's the giveaway post:

    Both prizes are awesome, but I'd totally love prize #1 just because I've been so into nail lately...

    Thanks for throwing this giveaway. You're so sweet for giving away such great stuff!

  17. I'm a follower now! I like your site---it's greeeeen! (>_<) I posted about your giveaway on my blog:

    OoOo that Click&Color sounds interesting. And I've wanted to try the nail polish corrector pen. So I chooose the 1st prize! >_<

  18. Hello!

    I am one of your blog follower now. Here is the link to where I spread the love of your beautiful give away items.

    I would love to win both prices! But the prize I have my eyes on is prize #2. I LOVE lip gloss and beautiful nail polish colors . Also I am looking for a good hand cream for these bad sensitive hands.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. 1. I'm a new follower but I found your blog from Eki's post on it.
    2. I've mentioned your giveaway here. You're #9 right now.
    3. I would like to win the 1st prize as I need to take care of my nails! I have enough nail polishes, but not really nail care products. My skin is dry, so my hands are even drier, the cuticles around my nails are so gross that I'm too embarassed to post NOTDs :(

  20. I followed & I blogged :)

    I'd love the FIRST prize because I love to paint my nails.
    & you have the right kit for me.
    Thank you.

  21. hello.. i am ur follower now.. this is the link to my post -->
    I am very new to blogging.. hope i get it rite.. i would like to win the 1st prize because... i love nail arts.. having it on my nails now actually... and i find the items u r givin away are very useful for me. As for the eyeshadow.. i am crazy over makeup esp eyeshadow. and i wanted it~ hoho~
    Thanks and hope u like the blog..


  22. hey!
    i'm a new follower, but i will your blog is super cute, i will definitely read it. i blogged about your giveaway here:
    i'm new to blogspot so i don't have many posts yet... :S
    i would like to win the 2nd prize because i just love the nail colours. the very berry looks really cute and perfect to show my feet during this summer hehe and the glam girl too, looks like a really nice colour. i would wear it on my nails :D and of course i really like the lipglosses too, and the package looks perfect to go in my purse :)

    i want to win 2nd prize because never in my entire life i can afford to buy those stuff u give away..i think its a bless if i win this giveaway....hopefully, i'll win;)

  24. Hi,i just happen to know your blog and just added to be your follower,since i am quite new to the makeup world,i guess the chances of winning is slim but i am still glad to "DISCOVER" your page and get to learn some beauty products from you...but still if i happen to be lucky and win i would like to have the prize #2, SIMPLY BECOZ I "WANA SHOW MY FEET" after painting it(nail polish),and SHOW MY LIPS after applying the lip gloss and "SHOW PEOPLE OUT THERE MY SOFT HANDS"..hahaha..isn't it great?

    Love from:

  25. YAY! Giveaways! Been a follower since you followed me! ^^ My post is at near the bottom. Sorry for how short it is =[ But I am in a rush somewhere! Ah, so sorry! Anyways I don't mind either prize but perhaps the first one because I'm a beginner at doing my nails and I was just in the search fora Drying item and corrector!

  26. im a new follower. i found you on my sister's page =D

    i would like to win the second prize. i love nail polish and the little lippies are cute.

    posted your giveaway:

  27. Hello! I wanna win the 2nd prize. :-) I have blogged about it at:

    Please feel free to join my giveaway too. You just have to simply suggest ideas I could do to make my birthday more memorable.

    Here's the link:

    Have fun always!

  28. Hey ,
    thanks for hosting a contest!
    I really love prize number 1. check out my post on it.


  29. hello girlie! thanks again for entering my contest! well i also joined ur giveaway! here is my post:

    and id love to win prize number two becasue i love lipglosses and polishes! =] thanks for this giveaway! =]

  30. Hello, I would like to enter this contest!!

    Here is a link to my post:

    I am very interested in Prize Set 1 because of the Click & Color Nail Polish Pen. I think that item is really cool; I've never had anything like that before. :) If Set 1 Is not available, then Set 2 would be great because I love lipgloss and nail polish. Both sets are great because I love Shea Butter!!

  31. hello tamara! i'd like to join this too. i'm a follower of your blog. here's my link:

    both prizes are nice, but i prefer pack 2 slightly more since i like lippies :)

  32. I'm a follower and i love your blog

    the number 2 prize is awesome because I love lippies and red color nail polish it reminds me of a pin up girls

  33. Hi, I'm Saint and I'm following your blog.

    This is my post about your contest:

    I would love prize 2, because I'm really into lip gloss right now and those shades are super cute. I also love the nail polish because I got rid of 80% of my collection a few years ago and I would like to start rebuilding hehe!

  34. i would love prize 2 as it has the nail polish , my daughter does nail art everyday, she also loves lip gloss
    i follow i blogged here never done that before LOL

  35. I'm a follower! :)

    I like prize #2 because I want to try the lippies and I have never tried Essence brand before. :)

  36. I am a new follower.
    Blog link:
    I would love prize #1 - polish corrector pen and polish pen would be great for my d.i.y pedi's

  37. i would like to win package 1. I really enjoy going my nails.

    i followed and blogged;

    i hope i win and thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Hi. Thanks for having a giveaway

    I am a follower and I would like to win package 1 because I am very new with doing my nails and those goodies would definitely come in handy for newbies like me. I would also love to try the essence brand since i never even heard of it.

    I blogged about it here.

  39. hey! Thanks for the heads up for your giveaway! I would like to enter! I choose the 2nd prize cause I looooove lipgloss and l'occitane is one of the best way to pamper yourself! That hot pink shade of nail polish is also TO DIE FOR!!!

    I am a follower and here is the link to my post!

  40. You're doing a giveaway too. Awesome stuff!
    I'm going to join in too.

    I like prize one because I've never tried any Essence products before and the glam eyeshadow caught my eye. hehe.

    I'm a follower and I will post this up on my blog soon. I will let u know. =)

  41. whoopee!
    ive blogged about your giveaway

    I would like prize one...
    i have not heard of a nail corrector pen..ever!
    i would like to know what that!

  42. Hello! I’m found you from eki’s blog!

    I would absolutely love to have the 2nd prize! I’m a sucker for cute compact beauty essentials I can pack or throw in my purse on the go—would love the mini lipgloss trio! *sighs* :) And these nail polishes would be awesome for summer! I’ve never tried these brands before but would love to!!! So, I’d love to win this prize!

    And I would love to follow your blog!!! Find me here:


  43. yay! i've blogged about it too:

    i'd like prize number 2 cause i love lippies :)

  44. I blogged about your giveaway.... :)

    I'd like prize #1, I'm into nail art and I think the nail polish corrector pen would be nice to have.. ^_^

  45. I am a follower and my link is where I blogged about your giveaway.

    I`d like to win first price, because I am very into nailpolishes an the corrector would be nice thing in my home :)

  46. Hi there! I'm a new follower.
    I'm posting this on my blog.Check it out:
    I would love to win the 2nd prize.

  47. Hey! thanks for having this giveaway!!

    would love to win the first prize cos i would like to try the nail polish click pen as my country does not sell it!..=) and i have not tried anything from L'Occitane and Essence before and would like to try it!..=)

  48. i would like to win the 2nd package!! hte nail polish!!eeeehh here is my link dear thanks:

  49. Hey hun!

    I definitely follow your blog! It's wonderful. I also blogged about your contest @

    That's the specific link leading to the post about your giveaway!

    I would love to win prize#2 because I know I would get the most use out of it for I love lipglosses and right now my nails are in growing out mode from my acrylics, so I would most likely use the nail polish for my toes. Also I love trying out new lotion and one could never have enough lotion in their life.

    Great giveaway=D

  50. Hello :)

    Here's the link to the post I did about your giveaway -

    & I would like to pick Prize #2 - just because those lipglosses look SUPER cute & I really love nailpolish :)

    Thank you for having this giveaway! <3

  51. hi sweetie!

    I just blogged about your giveaway here

    These are gorgeous pirzes. I can't really decide on one because both of the prizes include products I really like. I think I would go with price #1. I love the nail corrector pen. It has such a yummy scent. And I want to try the quick dry spray. I haven't tried L'Occitaine before. So that is what I would really like to have.

  52. Since my blog is under construction, I Tweeted this giveaway:
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  53. Although it is a VERY tough choice, I think I would pick the second prize package because I just LOVE the nail polishes included!
    sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

  54. I follow and I want the second price

  55. I'm a's my post to your contest..

    and I would love the 2nd price....Thanks for the giveaway.....

  56. Im a follower!
    here's my post:
    I would love the 1st prize!
    I never tried that quick dry nail spray and
    everything on the 1st prize i never tried. hehe Thanx for the giveaway.... :)

  57. follow your blog :)

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  58. blogged

  59. I like 2nd prize I love the lipgloss :) ,2nd Prize just right for me :)

  60. hi your such a sweet gurl im following your blog . I love the first price.:P

    I posted it already

  61. *I just followed you. cute blog!
    *I blogged:
    *I would like to win prize # 2

  62. hi...i'm new in blog's.....hope to learn more on blog's and hope to have new friends as well....i would like the prize #2....the nail polish is cute and compact easy to bring anywhere i

  63. Hey, I would like to enter this giveaway, I'm a follower and I posted this up to my blog.
    I'd like to win the 1st prize simply because, it's summer and I'd like to show my feet off in style!*_*! These products sound great to use, and I'm alwayz waiting around for polish to dry and end up messing it up, so I could definitely make optimal use out of all of them! And that 'Hot Coral' sounds like it's calling to me, lol.
    Thanx for the chance to enter, ttyl!

    I would like to enter this giveaway,coz i like the colors of the lip gloss the prize#2...
    its ok with me if it's 1st or 2nd coz the Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow is CUTE!,I LIKE THAT!!!
    and also THANKS for a great CONTEST
    here's my link

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I am a new follower and I would l love to win either prize but if I did have a choice I would pick #2 as I love the little lips glosses~Thanks for the chance :)

  67. I am a follower..
    Great choice in prizes love them
    I like the locctaine hand cream..
    If I won I would pick Prize 1
    This is the link to my blog post:

    Love your blog. Keep blogging.
    Shan x

  68. Hi! I'm following your blog. =)

    I'd like to get the 2nd prize because I think the lipglosses are adorable! I'm also very interested to try out the hand cream.

    Link to my blog post:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! <3

  69. Hi I am a follower. I like prize 2-thanks

    [email protected]

  70. k so i am a follower :)

    & i blogged bout it

    Id like prize numero uno.. because i just love nail stuff, :)

  71. hiia :-) just lefted a post about it on my blog here

    and i would like to have prize #2 please as im loving the cootesyness of the lipglasses in the tin lol annd just grenally loving the colours of the nail vanish as i havent got a red and havent got a darker colour pink

    argh sorry long comment lol :(

    <3 sammie xoxox

  72. p.s link is right got mixed up n put it in elisa maries name in the url it wouldnt let me change it to cherry colours :( but stil says blog post about you if it makes sences lol

  73. hello !
    i already follow u and here is the link to my post !

    ummm i choose #2 becausee
    im fond of red hot nail n juicy sexy


    i'd love to win prize #2 simply because I love lipglosses =)

  75. Hi! :) I would like to get the 2nd prize because I love those small lipglosses :)

    My link:


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