Super fast shopping

Here am I again!

So I managed to get to our local makeup store, where they have so many things *drools*.
Tho the bad thing is that they don't sell any MAC products, any Essie/OPI/Orly nail polishes wetnwild makeup, E.L.F. make up etc.

Just regular stuff like L'oreal, MaxFactor, Make up factory etc.
But still, you can have so much fun there. Or at least I do. :D

Anyhow, I went with my dear boyfriend who was in a kind of a hurry since he just came back from our main city.

Okay so I grabbed the stuff I needed (like hair color) and some I didn't really need but I found to be pretty.

Here they are:

The Keune colors are really good. I mean really good. I'm using the N#1000 and I love it. My natural hair color is dirty blond or dark blond, w/e. But I realized that blond would suit me really well so I bought this one.
It's not the first time I got it. I've been using this colors for like three months now.

When you're buying this colors you have to buy the hydrogen too. You can choose from the types of them. The 6% one, 9& and 12%. I once got the 12% but then I decided I'd give it to my sis instead of using it.
So I was using the 9% one because I really wanted something like a platinum blond, but I was too scared so I decided to go for a light blond instead.

Today I bought the 6% hydrogen because I really like my current hair color and I don't want to go any lighter. But we'll see if it will work as I imagine or not.

It's a really nice color. You mix it up and you can already see the color you'd get. hahaha, well kinda.

It smells much better than any other colors and it covered really good the mess another brand left on my hair (orange shit!).
And the good thing is that it doesn't dry out your hair as normal hair color would do.

The bad thing tho is the price. It's quite pricey for a hair color. With the hydrogen, it's almost 10€. About 13$. It wouldn't be so pricey if I had short hair but I have quite long hair so I need two of those. So for me, it is 26$. I'd actually rather spend it on makeup but I like being a Blondie.. ;).

I can't say anything about the hair mask except that it smells really good and that it's for moisturizing your hair + it's pretty cheap for the loads you get. About 5€.

Essence 12h hand protection balm:
I only tried it but since hand creams are my other obsession, so I guess I can at least comment it. I'll write a review after a couple of days of use.

It smells really good, something like a shampoo but I can't really tell what. It says it's shea butter and coconuts but hell I don't know.
It also doesn't leave that greasy film on your hands! So it's perfect for spring/summer.
It's really cheap, 1.19€ for 75ml, yay! I like cheap and good stuff.

Now to the lip gloss. Essence XXXL shine lipgloss:

They're not completely the same. It seems they are but one is colder than the other one.

The colder one is TIMELESS BEAUTY and the warmer color is IT-PIECE. I like them both! They're not really pigmented just really sparkling.

I think they are a really good product for a small price, 2€ each. They're not really sticky (if you find them to be, you can fix that with the finger pop),just very sparkling and I think they can be used on a daily basis.

They don't dry your lips out, which can happen with some cheap lip glosses, and the shimmer isn't annoying hence you can't feel it unless you're pressing your lips tight together.

They have the regular sponge applicator, so it's really easy to apply the product.
They also have a great smell, not too strong but you can smell it if you're trying hard enough, the sweet smell of vanilla or something quite similar.

Oh and the nail decors? I find them cute! Real art deco! I'm still not sure on what color will I put them but hell I wanted them for such a long time!

After all, I'm really pleased with my super fast shopping.
Oh right, why super fast? Because it lasted for like 5 minutes, blah :(.

Next time I'll go alone and buy some stuff I want, hehe..

And what was YOUR last super fast haul?

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