Cherry Juice goes sparkling!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog and my first entry here. I'm really excited about this blogging stuff.

I was thinking about creating a blog for a couple of months now.
But I really had no idea about what name to chose. It was really difficult because I wanted something simple, something that people will remember but still sweet.

So now I'll be sticking with my Cherry Colors name. I actually like it pretty much, because it's sweet, red (I love red cherries, mmmm) and passionate.
Plus you can kinda think about make up from it.

Because that's pretty much the stuff I'll be writing about. Fashion and make up.


Simply because I love make up, I'm an addict to make up. But since my budget is pretty low, and I don't have a MAC store in my state I'll write about other products. If I'll ever buy a MAC product I'll write about that too, no panic :).

I also have an addiction for nail polishes. Yap, that's me!

So for my first entry I'll post some pictures about the nail polish I have on now.

It's called Cherry Juice and it's a LE from Essence. It is from Jelly baby Limited Edition.
I have almost all of the nail polishes from that set, except from the bubble gum color, which would really fight with my skin color, bleh!

I took two pictures of it. Both with my pure awesomeness cell phone Nokia E71 (damn I'm such a sucker, but the thing is that I adore that phone tho the camera is sucky)!

I've used The Alessandro Base Coat for the base, then I've put two layers of Essence Jelly Baby Cherry Juice color and one layer with a sparkling almost holographic nail polish that's called Akzent Direct N93.
I got it yesterday from a manicure store, and it was pretty cheap for such a nail polish. 4,95€! But it smells really really bad, like alcho, ew!
Anyhow I then put another layer of Cherry Juice so it would make a kind of a sandwich. After all that I've alsto put on the Essie Good to go finish coat, so it wouldn't be drying too slowly...

I really like the result! Tho the idea is not really mine (the sandwich thing) I got it from this site.

Cherry Juice

I must admit that I go all crazy when it comes to bling bling stuff and to stuff that really sparkles! So this 'sandwich' is great for me!

Aaaand since today I got my paycheck I might go for some shopping today! And for what? Cosmetics! And then some clothes.

If I'll find my fashion combination to be cool (make up, cloth) I'll post it here so you'll be the ones to decide if I have some fashion style or not.

Dears, what is your nail polish of the day?
Mine is surely Cherry Juice.

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