French Manicure With Decoration

Alright yesterday I promised my boyfriend that I'll make myself a French Manicure. But I didn't tell him that I'll add some decorations to it.

Do you remember my first post? About my shopping haul? Anyhow that day I bought some Essence nail stickers that looked really like Art Deco.

So I put on a base coat with Alessandro's base coat nail polish, then drew my tips with the white nail polish from Alessandro and added two layers of pinkish color over everything.
The French manicure came out well, but when I added the stickers on the still sticky surface it became weird. I had no second try to fix the stickers, so I had to be extra careful.

The result is quite nice, tho everything looks a bit sloppy.

I finished everything with Essie Good To Go, because I was in a hurry. I had to go to my bf's place and show him the result. And you know what? The anti polish guy actually liked it. YAY!

I like it too, but I'm sure that next time it's going to look fabulous!


  1. I really enjoy nail art. I've never seen stickers like those but they look good, i'm gonna try to find some. I find it really hard to do self french manicures though.

    Also, looks like we both just started our blogs. It's pretty cool huh? I saw your comment on I absolutely love her and her website.

  2. Yah, you have to check more brands to find the perfect stickers for yourself!
    Some cheap brands have some really nice stickers, but I think that the stickers are all pretty much expensive, compared to other products :).

    Self manicure is hard at first, but when you star enjoying it, it gets so much better!

    And true, I absolutely adore Doedeere's make up line (can't wait to see the new lipstick line).


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