Review: Essence XXL shine and Essence XXXL shine lipgloss

Here am I again. I know, it's Friday and I'm bored to hell tho I have lots of work to do. Meh no partying for me today. Today I'm reviewing the Essence XXL lip gloss named 05 Super Girl and the XXXL lip gloss named 09 Party Connection.
To be honest, I think the only difference between the XXL shine collection and the XXXL collection are the applicators. The XXL has a brush applicator which I don't like really much because it's quite annoying. Not only that I feel that I don't have full control of the application, but it gets sticky too. EW! The renewed version is called XXXL shine lip gloss. The colors are the same, but the applicator is a slim sponge. Like the normal ones you're used to, but a bit slimmer. Really nice and it's much easier to use than the first thing.
I don't think you can get the XXL version anywhere (okay maybe somewhere they still got it, but I'm not really sure). Even the packaging is the same! I didn't know I own an XXL version until I bought the new version. Huh. Those two are really similar to any other essence lip gloss from this series. They say it has added vitamin E and panthenol which helps the lips to stay moisturized all the time. It doesn't dry them out. Okay. I've noticed another change. The smell. The older ones smell a bit artificial, the new ones a bit like vanilla does, as I wrote in my first post it's a really delicate smell.

The swatch:
I must say that they're quite pigmented. They're not sticky, and you can feel them be just velvet smooth. How awesome is that? The lip glosses stay on long quite well, depending on what you do. They're somewhere in the middle rang when it comes to that. I'd say that it stays on about three hours if you do nothing (no kissing, no drinking, no eating). But I think that at this price (less than 2€) that shouldn't be a problem.
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