Review: Catrice Mini Max Precision Volume Mascara [discontinued]


Today I will review a mascara that I tested for about 3 months. I used it daily and that's about the time I have one mascara.

I just realized that I picked it up on a sale, or I must have gotten it somewhere, because the mascara is discontinued by now. *sad panda*

I guess this means my review won't help anyone, but it will be just.. IDK. 
The mascara is called Catrice mini max precision volume mascara. What a mouthful! 

I liked how simple it looked - pretty packaging. But nothing extraordinary, just a black and pink mascara. 
Howerver the brush looked quite promising!

This is how it worked for me!

It's been quite a while since I used this mascara, but I do remember the thing I liked the most about it; how easily I could reach those small parts of my lashes. The inner and outer corners, lower lashes. Amazing! 
It did give me a  natural look, but still so much better than my bare lashes. 

I had no problem with clumping or burning eyes or anything similar. I loved it!  I however am not a picky user when it comes to mascaras. The only thing I want from them is that they do something, are waterproof (if possible) and my eyes don't burn with the use of them (I am looking at you, Essence!)

+ affordable mascara (5€)
+ easy to use 
+ doesn't clump
+ reaches the smaller lashes
+ looks nice on me

- discontinued 
- I liked it too much and now it's gone... 

I gave it a 4 rating because it could be better and because I am always on the hunt for a great mascara. I am sad that it's gone and I am scared of searching for a new mascara..  But I will, I need to. 
I prefer waterproof mascaras because sometimes my eyes water. Or I cry. Or whatever. 
I DID like it, but now it's gone,... ._. I hate it when I find a product I love and then they decide to stop selling it (I am looking at you, Cosnova!). 

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