My Essence Nail Polish Collection (by Trend Edition)


I was organizing my nail polishes and that got me thinking about how many polishes I do actually have by Essence. I wanted to see them on my table, just so I know where I am standing. (Who am I kidding.. I totally wanted to see how much of my collection is made by this brand)

So I grabbed them all and kind of put them by collection and decided to show them to you. This post is very picture heavy, so beware. 

I must say that when I discovered the Essence brand, I was completely uninterested in them. Thanks to the Parokeets blog I found them interesting enough to buy a bunch of polishes. And you know what? They were OK, for the price. That totally shattered my reality and perception of price vs quality of products. 

I like most of the formulas of the Essence nail polishes, but I do realize that the drying time is on the long side. Luckily I found a solution - quick dry drops. They work wonders!

The "regular" line. Some are actually not from the regular line (Viva Brasil, Tribal, Snow.. but the bottles are the same).

I like the color of the year 2014 polish, and  I find the formula is great. Most of them have a long drying time and need some quick drying top coat of drops. I especially like the bright red one, because like some other polishes from the regular line, it takes one coat only and dries quickly. 

The ones I am the most dissappointed in were the polishes from the last year's Winter TE - a light purple and blue, very sheer. ._.

Snow White TE

I remember when I was looking for this collection. Well buying, because I wasn't actively looking for it since I was like 1 month before the kid was born. I found the full stand and took these five polishes. 
I like their formula and I need to use them more! 

Fruity TE

These are the polishes I like the most, from the old collections. I mean, I use them and the bottles are so different from other ones in my collection, that I instantly know it's "them". I still like them very much and I usually get bored of trend polishes quite soon.  Great formula. 

Superheroes TE

I...  didn't really use these two polishes. I mean, I tried them, yes. But the pink turns into a pink that is too cold and too de-saturated and I don't like it. The purple is lovely, but I am currently not in a purple mood. Formula was OK, I think a bit thick for the thermal polish? 


If I am not mistaken, this is the oldest TE I have from Essence. The nude has a cracked and very used cap, but these are wonderful. I like the formula of the nude one, the berry is a wonderful color, but takes quite some time to dry and needs at least two thicker layers to get to full opacity. The brown.. well is mostly unused. :P

Crazy Good Times

I don't know why I bought these two. I am not a fan of either, and I know I am totally not fair to them. I like the orange-y one, but the green looks terrible on my skin tone. Both are probably only swatched. :P


I like the formula! They both have a satin finish and dry in a timely manner. I like that my pink dries faster than Essie Fiji. :P Also applies nicely. 


Some are from the old regular line, some are not..   
The first left one is very similar to the Sinful Prosecco (that everyone was looking for, a while ago). The thermo polish is lovely, nothing bad to say here. 

The first from left is great for stamping and the orange is wonderful on it's own. Amazing formula and great looking color! 
The red sugar polish is very very pretty and the Circus red duo is my staple in colder months. Especially close to Christmas. 

The left pink is a beautiful color but has a terrible formula that needs some thinner, because it's way too thick to dry in a timely fashion or be easy to apply.
The Aquatix pearl nude is OK, sheer as was expected.
Pastel green is lovely. And the light gray dries a bit blue on me. But nice either way.

I have a thing for silver holo glitter. I seriously do. 

Or glitter in any form. 

Btw the left blue polish and the right light blue polish (2nd from left and 4th from left) are both named Glorious Aquarius. I think the right one is older? I can't remember.. 

I think these are all my Essence nail polishes. And last night I had this wicked idea of getting them all from the regular line... 
I was actually thinking about this idea, before I asked myself if I was going mad? xD

Do you have a favorite from an old TE?


  1. O, super post <3 Tudi jaz razmišljam o podobnem postu, ker imam res ogromno Essence lakov ;)

    1. Ooo, potem pa kar pridno slikat.. pa pisat. Me ful zanima katere vse lakce imaš ;).

  2. Zdaj si me prepričala da tudi js spravim skup takle post :D Meni so te novejše stekleničke res fany pa čopič mi je fajn. Od Snow White žal nisme niti enega lakca uspela ujeti :( Fruity imam roza in zelenega pa dišeči nadlag in so res nekaj posebnega :D Crazy good times zeleni na meni isto izpade zelo čudno, črni je pa super. :D

    1. Jaaaa, dej :D. A bi imela kakšnega od Snow white? Meni bolj kot ne stojojo.

  3. Awww - kako lepo slišat, da smo te zapeljale na stranpota imenovana Essence. :D

    Full imaš lepo kolekcijo. Sem z veseljem prebrala post. Jaz iz očitnih razlogov verjetno nikoli ne bom fotografirala celotne Essence ali Catrice zbirke ... bi potrebovala cel teden samo za slikanje. :D

    1. Jaaa, ve ste krive ;)! Se spomnem, kako sem gledala stojalo v trgovini in si mislila "blah... ne izgleda dobro", potem sem pa domov prišla in videla vaše swatche. Me je skoraj pobralo, kako so bili lepi!! In jasno, sem potem morala kupiti kakšen lak. In kakšen lak več, ker itak doma izgledajo lepše ;)).

      O ja, tvoja zbirka lakov pa.. ;))

  4. Jaz bi pa verjetno pred letom imela hmmmm ene 100 Esence lakcev, skoraj vse "standardne" in LE. Potem me je pa pičilo in sm si rekla da itak jih ne uporabljam in sem oddala stran, Drugače pa, lepa zbirka :D Mislim da metal glamm in unega s srčki iz velntinove kolekcije smo pa vse lovile kot nore :D

    1. Uf, poznam, poznam. Tako sem se znebila nekje 1/3 svoje kolekcije. Večkrat zapored.. :D Ampak dobro, sem tako naredila prostor za več lakov :P. Jasno, haha. :D


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