NOTD: Gelpolish Nude - 266


This is one of the gellish nail polishes I picked up from Ebay. I was really impressed because they came in 14 days. Usually the orders from Ebay take about a month or more. 

Since it had no color shown on the package, I decided to mark it myself. I cured the polish under LED light on a plastic sheet and then transferred it to the cap. Simple and practical ;). 

I used three layers for full opacity and I loved how it look on me. I added Swarovski crystals to each nail, for that extra sparkly effect. I also changed my nail shape..  do you like it? 

I can't say about the wear time, because I topped it with an UV gel top coat (instead of my Depend gel top coat) which wasn't a gellish top coat. It was a gel top coat - it had to be filled off instead of soaked off. But once the thin layer was removed, the soak off method worked perfectly

So far I am really impressed with this gel polish. Can't wait to play with the other ones!

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