NOTD: Catrice Lala Berlin - CO4 Ruby Red


I want to show you a beautiful red nail polish with a bit of a pink undertone.
It is the Ruby Red from the Catrice Lala Berlin TE

The brush is utter crap. I usually like Catrice's brushes, but not this one. It is medium stiff, but spiky as a boar's back! I had quite a problem with the application because of it. 

But to save the polish, the formula is brilliant! Easy to use, glides on smoothly. The polish is a bit on the jelly like, but very opaque. One layer is all you need. Seriously, two layers won't make a difference, because it will look exactly the same as with one layer. 

Get it, if you can still get your hands on it. It is worth its price (3€). 

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