Review: Swarovsky nail crystals SS10

Hello, everyone!

I have been dreaming about Swarovski nail crystals since I realized my 1800 crystals are utter crap (bought from eBay). 

Born Pretty Store has made my dream come true, by sending me this little package.

These have a foiled back cap, which prevents the crystal from absorbing the nail polish and turning matte (that's what was happening with the cheap ones).

They came packaged in a tiny sealed plastic bag - 144 in them. 

The thing I love the most of them is that they sparkle like mad! 

Even when I covered them in gel polish, they sparkled! I love, love, love sparkly stuff and these are no different. *squee*

I also like to reuse them. I am a bit frugal whenever I can be, so when I saw that you can reuse them, I was ecstatic.  Just clean them thoughtfully and ole' - ready to reuse!

I got them in the size SS10, which is 2.9mm big. Small enough to fit several on my short nails. 

+ super sparkly
+ are reusable (and are easy to clean)
+ don't lose the sparkle even when covered in nail/gel polish
+ won't become matte as the cheap ones do

- pricier than your regular rhinestones

I am happy and excited about them. I would like to stick them to every damn manicure I make, haha. They sparkle like mad in real life (couldn't capture it on camera) and they look stunning on every manicure. I wish I had discovered them sooner because now my life is different. 
If you like sparkly stuff and love rhinestones, then you *need* these in your life. Seriously. They are worth the extra price. 

You can also get 10% off if you use this code when ordering with them!

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.

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