FOTD: Halloween kitty cat makeup


You know that Halloween is approaching, right? That means fun makeup looks and fun fun outfits. 
Here the real "fun" starts only during February/start of March when we have a thing that is very similar to Halloween, except it lasts for a couple of days. It's called "pust". 

So for Halloween I wanted to go easy, but still wanted to show you guys an easy look that everyone can do.

You'll need:
*A black eyeliner
*A black khol pencil
*Your regular ol makeup
*Kitty ears!

It is really simple to do!

  1. Do your makeup as usual. Foundation, blush, eyebrows, eye makeup.
  2. Add eyeliner. A winged one and add some triangles on your tear duct
  3. Connect those triangles with a line to 1/3 of your eye
  4. Draw yourself a nose with black khol
  5. Add a mouth (a line from your nose to your mouth and color your upper lip black)
  6. Put your ears on ;)
  7. DONE!

It is very very easy and everyone can do it.

Add some cat-attitude and your are done ;)!

Have fun! ;)


  1. Meow^^ res je super look :) pa še simpl je za narest :D

  2. @Anna. Hvala!

    @Ajda Tjaša: Najbolj simpl! :D Meow~!

    @SarahTPolisholic: Hvalaa!


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