NOTD: Learning my way with Gel


Last time I wrote about my Acrylics journey, and this time I wanted to show you my gel journey. 
I was afraid of LED and UV lamps for the longest time. I have no idea why, but it had to so something with them being the "unnatural" way to do your nails. Whatever is that supposed to mean.

I really wanted to see if I could use the Essence gel polishes for extensions (without tips). The first gel I used was from the discontinued glitter line (they are reformulated now, I think?). It worked great (because of the big glitter) and the nails were hard. I enjoyed wearing them a lot! 

My next try was with the French gel from Essence. It looked fabulous, but sadly it's not a builder gel so it was super soft.  I was really sad and disappointing, but it was a good learning curve.
This is when I painted them black. 

Those didn't survive past a day, because I shortened them, so I could use my hands again. 

My next test was with a builder gel. Finally I realized the difference between different gels. Builder gel is for building and has a thicker consistency, also it needs an UV lamp and not a LED lamp. I had to purchase that one too! 

I had bitten nails, and I had a manicure course starting in the next few days, so I had to have pretty nails ;). 
I extended them for a bit, until they looked normal. Not long, but not bitten either. Wearable. 

I wasn't really happy with any manicure combination I did with them :/. *sad panda*

But I did learn a lot and I am very grateful about that. 
My builder gel was from Fingr's and I must say that it is pretty expensive. About 20€ for a tiny set that comes with less than 5ml of gel. 5ml is enough for like..  twice, haha. :D Or once if your are doing long nails.


  1. tale prva manikura z velikimi vijolčnimi bleščicami je moja najljubša ! ful lepo :3

  2. Me veseli da ti gre :D A tale Essence gel z vijolčnimi bleščicami majo še od kar os jih prenovili? Res je cute :D

  3. @Simona Ribič: Ooo hvala! :D Meni se je zdela "meh" v živo, ampak izgleda da imam drugačen okus kot vsi ostali, hiihi. Ni bila napačna ;).

    @Aydii*: hej, še vedno ga imajo! Sicer ne vem če je formula kaj drugačna (menda je?), ampak je še!


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