Review: Catrice eyebrow palette


Yes, yes! I managed to sit in front of this delayed post. So I can link my last makeup look with it. ;P

I picked up this lovely tiny palette a while ago. I was looking for something to use daily, maybe for when I go from brown to blonde and possibly to mix with my red eyeshadow for red brows. 

And luckily, this little gem is perfect. 

It is a little sturdy compact palette. It contains a mirror which is kind of useful (for checkouts) and a little compartment with a mini duo of tweezers and brush/comb. 

It goes everywhere with me and for now, it is as good as new. Sturdy is the word. And also classy looking. I didn't love the classy look of Catrice's items until recently. And now I am hooked. Bring on all the classy items. *laugh*

I recently used the tiny brush/comb (as big as my index finger), which worked perfectly for drawing thin lines. It is extremely precise and I didn't even know that I like that. Useful for when you don't have your "big" brush with you. And the tweezers are sharp and do their job well. 

+ classy/sleek packaging
+ sturdy and travel-friendly packaging
+ comes with a handy brush/comb and tweezers
+ cool toned brown shadows
+ good pigmentation
+ perfect for blondes and brunettes

- It's not extreme sweat/waterproof especially in combination with some rubbing

I was looking for a dupe of Anastasia's Beverly Hills brow duo for a very long time. I gave up with Essence because their brow stuff is just weirdly colored.. like too orange/yellow/green. But this thing here, this is golden. I am seriously impressed and I am not giving it away for a very long time (if ever, haha). Catrice should seriously consider making gel pots with eyebrow shadows. Really, I would buy them!
The price is fine (about ~5€), considering how much product you get and the time it will last you (years?). I have been using it for more than 5 months and there are only some lines of use visible. 
I definitely recommend it to everyone who needs cool toned brow shadows. Or someone looking for a dupe of Anastasia's Beverly Hills Brow powder duo (btw, back in the day they had a fancier looking package) 


  1. Izgleda super. Ne preveč pigmentirano, ravno lepo mehke linije na obrveh:). Lepo, da se Essence izboljšuje, ker imajo nekatere izdelke res super:).

  2. Tole je res super izdelek :) Ampak škoda da nimajo več različnih odtenkov.


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