The Complete Make Up Totorial (picture heavy)

I never do tutorials, so I decided to do one today (I have some spare time). I wanted to show you the before and after results with step by step tutorial. This is the easy way to do your eye make up. :)

I had some breakouts, so.. yesh my skin isn't the nicest. 

Anyhow here we go! 

These are the brushes I will be using:


Start with a clean canvas (I just applied face cream).

Take your foundation or BB Cream.

Put some on your hand and take your stippling brush.

Apply the foundation with a stippling motion all over your face.
After foundation.

Take your concealer.

And apply whenever you need it.

Now take your finishing powder.

And apply with your powder brush all over your face.


Take your brow powder and a brush.
 Then start defining your brows until you're satisfied.


Now take your eye primer.

Apply all over your lids.

And blend with your fingers.

You will need tape /medical tape too.
Stick in in the corners of your eyes, this way you will have a nice defined line after your eye make up will be done.

Take your eyeshadow palettes..
I'm using the 88 CS Palettes (matte and shimmer).

Take your eye brush and dip it into the pink color. 
Apply it on the center of the eyes.
Now take a really light yellow, and apply it in the inner corners of the eyes.
Blend, like this.

You should have something like this now.
Both eyes.

Take a dark purple eye shadow with a new brush.

And apply it in the outer corners of the eyes.

Now take a black eyeshadow, still with the same brush.

And apply it in the outer corners, but this time make the brush stroke smaller.

Now, you're almost done. Take your blending brush.

And blend, blend, blend! 
Blend from the outer corners to the inner part of the eye.

Now you can take the tape off!

Take your eyeliner (In this case I'm using powder eyeliner)
and your angled brush.

Apply next to the lash line.

And 2/3 of the part close to the waterline.
Here you go.

Take a shimmery/white/silver eye pencil.

And apply it close to the tear duct. 

Now take your favorite mascara.

And apply it on your lashes.

For my lower lashes, I took another mascara.

It has a comb brush, so my lower lashes are more defined.

Ole! Your eye make up is done!


I used Etude House Color me nude.

I applied it on the middle of my lips. 

And blended with my finger.

After that I took a lip gloss.

Applied it.. and blended with my finger since it's too sticky and heavy.


And a comparison picture for you all! 

I hope I didn't scare anyone. :D 

I used:
*InnisFree Mineral BB Cream 40 spf
*Dr. Dima Cosminology Corrector
*Joppa Minerals Sheer finishing powder
*Anastasia Brow powder in Golden Blonde
*Etude House Proof 10 eye primer
*Coastal Scents 88 Matte and 88 Shimmer Palette
*Dr. Dima Cosminology Navy Powder Eyeliner
*Essence silver eye pencil
*Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
*Essence Volume to the Max! Mascara
*Etude House Color Me Nude lip concealer
*Canmake Lip Gloss in 04

I hope you liked it. Please share your opinion!
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