Yves Rocher - a bolder look

Hello dear readers,

When I was up for the Yves rocher challenge I created another look. This one was bolder and more fun to make. I don't know why I picked the more neutral one for the competition, but I did it.

I used the products they provided us with (+ Fyrinnae Pixie epoxy). 

This was quite a fun look to create and the only thing is needs are false lashes to complete it ;).


I guess my creativity is spent, because I couldn't think of a decent name for this look. How would you call it? 


  1. Wow, such a gorgeous look! Reminds me of Cleopatra somehow :)

  2. @Eli Doinoff: Thank you! The first name was something with Egyptians, but then I got a brain fart and deleted it, haha1 Thanks!!

    @Kim: Hvala!!


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