Review: Catrice Iridescent TOPPER ( iROSEdescent)

Description (from site)

Top of the Galaxy. This topper stands for one of the biggest trends in 2014: 3D-shimmer effects. The quick-drying liquid in a soft rosé-gold is applied on top of your eyeshadow or used as a highlighter for your body and face to intensify any styling. Glam-factor included!

This is the product that the whole blogging world is raving about. Incredible, huh? It is quite an unique item - mineral eyeshadow mixed with a solution. You have to shake it for it to get mixed properly and then you can use it. It has a small pipete - one drop is more than enough for both eyelids.

I thought it would dry sooner (because that's what everyone said), but it takes a good half minute to 45sec to dry completely. I mean alright, it is not that much but I was thinking more like three seconds :P.

It stays on my lids for the whole day (even without a primer) and I have oily lids. So this little bottle has some damn strong staying power!

I tried using it on my cheeks and ahem, it was a disco ball kind of look - not for me, not right now. But I had to use my make up remover to get the damn thing off. Again crazy staying power.

+ lovely pink/gold micro glitter filled product
+ crazy good staying power
+ cute packaging
+ hygenic packaging (pipete)
+ little bit goes a very long way
+ unique item in the beauty world

- price (but you need only a tiny bit, so there's that) - 4.7€
- takes a while to dry (30-45 seconds). I just can't stand the wet feeling on my lids
- Need to be careful when applying (so you don't look like a disco ball)

This is well worth the rave. It looks amazing and it stays on for the whole day. It takes some precision for a good application, but it is worth it. It an unique item in the beauty world (I think you could DIY something similar with some visine drops and a bit of mineral eyeshadow?), which is always a plus. 

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review!
    Looks like a great product!


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