NOTD: Peace Gel manicure


My Summer manicure got destroyed quite quickly and I was sad. I wanted something similar, but with a bit more staying power. 
I did what I knew would work - a gel manicure using the Essence gel nails at home kit. 

This time it took me a bit longer to finish it (usually it's about 20-30 minutes max), a bit less than 1 hour. The longest wait time was for the nail polishes to dry. Ah!

But I also learned a new trick with the spilling top coat (that causes holes in it). You just wait about 1 minute after application so it spills where it wants and then fix it and apply a thin coat over it and off in the lamp it goes. Makes sense? If not I can make a tutorial.

I used:
Pink - Essie Bachelorette Bash
White - Essence white stamping polish & gold - Essence from the metallic TE (steeling in the scene)
Glitter - Manglaze in Hot Mess
Essence metallic studs

Do you like it? 
I think I'm getting better with these gel manicures :D.


  1. Se strinjam, gel manikure ti vedno bolje uspevajo. :D

  2. kjut nohtki ! jaz sem pa nažalost zadnje čase, kar zapustila moje nohtke in imam kar konstantno enobarvne... xD


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