Powder before foundation!


I am not sure if you heard about this technique before, but the whole beauty community is talking about it. It started with a video made by Goss Make up artist.

Here's the video:

When I first heard about it, I was like: "No fcking way!" I needed to primer my face anyway, so why not try this one? I mean, it is not like I like waiting for my cream and sunscreen to set in..  so I tried it. 

And you know what? The result is unbelievable! A healthy looking skin. It does not even look like you are wearing foundation and I am not even exaggerating. 

This is such a game changer, that I am not going back to the "correct" way, ever. 

I use:

* my regular moisturiser
* my sunscreen, and a thick layer too
* powdered foundation or just setting powder (it must be loose powder or it looks caked!)
* foundation (I prefer a mat finishing foundation, but other types work too, just look more dewy)
* a bit of powdered foundation on my T-zone if needed

The amazing thing about this technique is that the foundation stays for the whole day. I don't look shiny after a couple of hours, and it does not cling to those dry patches I sometimes get. It looks like my skin!!

Three pictures of using this technique on my skin

With an experimental make up (flash photo)

Everyday face

It looks pretty good, right?

Will you try it? 

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