NOTD: Spring skitties

Hi dolls!

I am feeling the Spring already and in hope that snow won't return I created a skitties manicure. I wanted to add some nail art to it, but I didn't have the time and later I forgot.

So I present you..  the Essence skitties manicure!
Oh and I hope you like the pretty sheet texture.. you know it's a special effect :P.

I used:
Index finger: Essence 146 that's what i mint!
Middle finger: Essence 138 L.O.L
Ring finger: Essence 137 wanna be your sunshine
Pinkie: Essence Inti Inka (Tribal Summer TE)

This manicure was really fun to make and to wear. I only regret that I didn't do any nail art with it because it seems perfect for such activity.
But my little one loved it and thought they were candies.. :D


  1. Got me with thi! Now I'll be byuing "skittles" polishes :D

  2. @Kris Tina: Je lepi, jap! :D

    @Eli Doinoff: Yay for skittlies polishes! This was a fun manicure :D.


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