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I know that I usually publish these at the end of the month, so there's aheemm, more time to get anything new in.. :P 
But not this time, no more spending for me! 

I got this lovely (and well done) cosmetics bag by Catrice, it was in their Berlin collection. It is lovely and BIG! I don't have anything as big, so this will fit multiple brushes and palettes.

Nail polish, nail polish..  
I am not surprised that I got two reds. I mean, I love red nail polish. I am currently in a RED phase again! Also two crushed crystals from Catrice and the dalmatin top coat by Essence (which I dislike, it is just not for me).

I needed new eyebrow stuff. So I got this Catrice eyebrow set (it is lovely, very pigmented), an Essence eyebrow pencil from the Kalinka TE (which is really smooth and soft) and some invisi boob hair elastics

I was sent for review puposes three lippies and three eyeshadows from Little Sparrow. The owner is extra nice and sent me some other goodies for a giveaway. 
I just realised I forgot one - the new Essence sponge nail polish remover.. D: I got it, but it's not in the picture!

Balea's make up remover, which I am quite sure I've tried somewhere and love it..  

And three (actually for, one isn't pictured) nail polish removers. I can't remember when I picked the ebelin one, but it was before I got the Aveo ones. Hmm.

I couldn't resist this nail polish from the Bloom me up collection, so I got it. I like the bottle with the cute lace on it!
The Alverde cleansing cream is my current favorite and since last time I only got a sample (I am getting smart, right?), I decided to grab a big one for when I use that one up.
[the cleansing foams did dehydrate my skin so I had to switch to a cream cleanser]

Afrodita Jojoba oil shower gel - I got it because I was hoping it is more like the L'occitane shower oil. Well it is not and it has a strong vanilla/caramel scent. It also doesn't dry my skin out wich is OK!

This was it for this month's purchases and I hope it stays this way :)!

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