January New in!


Do you remember how I said I'll be a good girl and will go on a cosmetics diet? :( Well, I couldn't resist it. But now I am on project 10 pan (except for the Gel glitter topper, that one I can still get!), which practically means no shopping for me until I hit pan on 10 items I use. 

Fun right? 
Well it is mostly survival mode since I don't have unlimited founds (bank account cries here) and I have way too much stuff. 

Here's what I got this month (lets say it was a birthday gift for me from me), luckily at least one item was a gift/review product. 

Lip stuff - because I want to do a comparison post for you all (between Baby lips, Essence and Lip smackers). And also because I have only one lip balm and I am afraid my kid will eat that one too!

I picked a set of 6 Lip smackers, 1 Maybelline Baby lips and 1 Essence Kiss care love lip balm
I got them for 50% off too, since I used a coupon (the lip smackers).

Nail polishes - my obsession. Seriously. 
First is the Essence nail art (stamping) polish in white. Great stuff.
Essence cuticle remover cream - because my old one is starting to smell funky :(
Essence ultra strong nail hardener - I think I may pass this one on (maybe to a giveaway winner), since if contains formaldehide and I can't use this stuff because I am nursing (it passes through milk). I read only great reviews, because it works.
Essence Gray-t to be - a lovely nude gray. Wonderful shade.
Essence i got a crush on blue! - A blue/gray shade. I needed more gray nail polish in my life.
Essence free hugs - the only light cool toned pink I own. 
Essence do the rittberger - o nice polish that isn't opaque. At all. So I will use it as a topper. 

Flormal neon eyeshadow in N103 (creative, huh?haha) - I got this for review purposes.
Martis Respect hair dye in red - My roots are showing so it's time to fix that. 
Delicate necklace from Muller (just 2€)!

Okay, this was it with the shopping this month. 

What did you buy this month, I'm curious :)?


  1. Oooh,damn those lip smackers. They look so pretty. I was in DM yesterday, deciding if I should buy them...but I didn't. And now I want them! :P

  2. Nujno si moram kakšen Baby Lips vzet, izgledajo res super! :) x

  3. @Živa: Baby lips so mi fuuul všeč, mi prav sede (pa sem dokaj izbirčna kar se zadev za ustnice tile).

    @Monika: Hehe, kul so. Imam zaloge za... dolgo časa :P. Bom na naslednjih giveawayih kaj potalala.

    @Pretty Purple: Thank you. I was "good" :P

  4. Ti si bila ta mesec še pridna, jaz sem kar precej zapravljala, več kot sem na,eravala. Do sedaj sem probala 2 lip smackerja in so fajn, ampak so mi Maybelline balzami ljubši. :)

  5. Ta Baby Lips mi je zakon, skoz ga uporabljam :)

  6. What cute nail polishes. I love the purple one :)

  7. Vsakič v DMu gledam tiste Smackerje in jih hočem z vsem srcem, ampak bi dala 10€ brez veze, ker so mi kot bi se mazala z vodo. Ampak so tko cute & delicious! :(
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  8. haha. sva obe nakupovali v DM:) te lip smackerje sem tudi jaz kupila 50% ceneje:)

  9. @Taya: Kolikor testiram so tudi meni tejle baby lips zelo všeč, ampak bolj kot ne zaradi konsistence (takooo lepo se mažejo!).

    @With love, Ana: Se strinjam! Awesome! Sem vesela, da ne bom skozi na ognjičevi labeli :P.

    @Claudia C.: They are super cute! But the last one is super sheer :/.

    @Nuša Pavlič: Oh yeah, moj otrok se ne strinja s teboj ker mi je pojedel 1cm lipsmacker labele. :D Meni so zaenkrat OK, morem še v mrazu sprobat. Je pa 'grozno', ker imajo toliko okusov uuuff!!

    @Pink_Diamond: Yesss, mi je bilo škoda plačati celo ceno, ko sem videla kuponček :).

  10. So many goodies!! Jealous. I've got to try Essence's nail hardener.


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