I wanted to do a Beyonce make up, but not really

Hi dears,

I wanted to see this video that everyone was talking about, especially to see the make up in it (that everyone is recreating). But,... I couldn't find it?! Which video is it?

Anyway, I knew it was something with blues, purples so I just went ahead and did my make up with some 'random' hues of those colors (by Fyrinnae and Mon Ennui). 

Do you care about the result? ;)

(damn those roots, need to get them fixed!)

(my daily hair-do, because it is quick and easy tho not really flattering)

If you are interested in the products I used, I can list them. I forgot to upload the picture with the products and I am laaaazy.. :P So ask, if you'd like to know.


  1. Všeč so mi tvoje rdečkaste obrvi!
    Pa make up je zelo lep! :)
    Pa lepe lase imaš! Tudi figa ti super pristoji! :)

  2. @Anna: Ooo hvala, zelo si prijazna! Obrvi so pa itak narisane do maximuma. Mi je ful zabavno to risanje, haha. :D

  3. lepa barva senčila. pa učke imaš lepe :) Jaz sicer nisem navdušenka nad risanjem obrvi, tako, da bi edino to izključila :) so pa lasje res lepi. Jaz bi tudi take kodrčke :)

  4. @Pink_Diamond: Hvala, hvala! Lasje so dediščina za katero sem hvaležna. :D Obrvi pa žal ne, če niso dorisane so... neobstoječe :(. In potem mi sesuje cel 'look', kar me žalosti :(.

  5. Lep MU, ampak obrvi so mi pa res fenomenalne <3


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