Essence Grand - Plie in black & The huntsman


It's been a while since I did my last gel manicure. I have always in mind how much I loved those gel manicures, but it takes quite some preparation to actually make one.

I picked a polish from my "Winter part" of my collection and somehow I ended with this never used color before from the Ballerina Backstage TE.
It is a lovely black with broze glitter. On my ring finger I added the Essence The Hunstman polish (Snow white TE).

It took me 2 coats to get an even finish, but I am really pleased with the overall look.  

I used my Essence Get nails at home set. It seems like the more manicures I do, the better they come out :). I remember my first and second one being super super thick, blah!

I can't wait to change this manicure with something brighter, like a deep red or bright red.

What is your Winter to-go manicure?


  1. Lepo! Lak je res lušten :) Me pa zelo zanima, kako to potem spraviš dol?

  2. Lina: Ful v izi, dol potegneš (dvigneš s palisandrovo paličico). Lahko pa z acetonskim obkladkom (in alu folijo).

  3. miss als de glitter van een andere kleur was zou ik het mooi vinden , ben gek op zwarte nagellak maar niet op deze combi


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