My New year's eve manicure


You all probably saw my Alessandro glitter manicure, but for New Year's eve I thought it was just.. too little. Lets make it dramatic, yes?

I took out all of my Nailz Craze plates and stamped away. I picked my favorite design of all the plates (those swirls) and stamped them on. It was damn fun and I'd do it some more if I wouldn't run out of nails. 

The result is a subtle yet fun manicure (and glittery, let's not forget that).

Okay the tumb is a bit.. bleh. Pink and black? Yes please but not this kind. :D

What was your NY's eve manicure?


  1. Mirror lak je tako lep na drugih, meni mi je pa čudn...

  2. @Kris Tina: Mirror je ful lep. Pa res se hitro posuši. Ampak najboljši je pa za štempljanje, to pa ja.

    @Silviabia: Thank you!! <3


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