Instaweek: December 29th

This week I was really bad with taking pictures because of all the gifts, food and experiences galore. I just left my phone alone and the result is exactly this..  no pictures!

But when I did take pictures for my IG, I took as many as I could. Kind of.

From left to right:

  1. NEW Alessandro mini nail polish from their glitter collection. I won it from their FB contest.
  2. Manicure! This time a better picture. I got this polish as a gift. Glitter!!
  3. The funny duck toy. It has a neck beard, tattoos, etc. It is damn funny and big, don't forget big!
  4. Manicure :D. I took the picture as soon as I tried the new nail polish.
  5. On the Christmas day, the little man walked... and kicked the ball. Had a blast!
  6. My Christmas manicure. It was wild. I didn't take many pictures tho, just two phone pictures :/. I got compliments on it!

This was it! I can't believe it's just 6 frigging pictures! But okay, lets post more next week.. ;)

Enjoy your NY's Eve!


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