A bit of Rococo?

Hi darlings,

I was looking at other blogs and found the one of the amazing Tanya. I got totally inspired by her style (or actually many styles!) and for days I've been dying to do some make up.
Well yesterday was such a day.

I named this look a bit of Rococo, because there's so much of well, everything.

I gathered my stuff;
- Catrice Mousse foundation in 011
- Make up factory eye primer
- Essence brow set from a TE
- Essence Sugar Plum Fairy from the Happy Holidays TE (2013)
- Sugarpill Tako
- Kiko black matte eyeshadow
- Catrice liquid eyeliner
- Essence Lash mania reloaded mascara
- Catrice Love's Di-vine lipstick
- Catrice eye art stick on eyeliner
- Catrice highlighter in Fairy dust
- Essence bronzer

And off I went.. ;)

First I did my eyes. Lots of pink and white and black. 

Then I added the sticker and some lipstick...

I had lots of fun with this look, so I am looking forward creating something wild in the near future.


  1. Hud makeup! Super bi bil za na kakšen 'masquerade ball'. :D

  2. Uf, nisem ravno "make up punca", ampak tale me je pa zadel naravnost v srce! Super si tole naredila, predzadnja fotka mi je pa najbolj všeč, je čisto umetniška! <3

  3. i love this makeup! The stickers make it very unique!


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