Instaweek: November 10th


I'll skip right to the pictures (I included the pictures from last week too, since I didn't post them last week).

  1. Went on a walk with my stroller. It was quite far away, so off we went. I also managed to get lost, twice ;).
  2. Eating like a big kid, except he doesn't want his plate anymore. Of course that happens only when he is full and is getting bored in the high chair.
  3. I was babysitting another kid and the two of them had quite some fun ;).
  4. Green wallpaper thingy from my cellphone cover.
  5. One of the last green tree in our neighborhood.
  6. Walking alone, following his aunt. Damn it was cute!
  7. This is the flower he gave me (the kid), my very first flower from his side. Totally super awesomely cute!!
  8. My halloween manicure, you can check it here.
  9. My favorite lipstick. It is from the Catrice Candy Shock collection. A lovely quite gentle pink with a hint of frost.

Damn, as I read these - damn is my life boring, haha. Well not really but the pictures are boring, haha. I need to take more colorful pictures! ;)

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