Essence Gel nails at home round 3!

Hi beauties!

Since I am so in love with the Essence Gel nails at home kit, I am using it as much as I can. 
This means whenever I have about 30 minutes of free time so I can be pretty sure everything is as it should be. 

This time I wanted black nails with some glitter. I picked up Deborah Sense Tech 100% MAT black polish + Essence Carrie pinkish glitter. 

It was a bit hard to work with the black polish due its watery consistency, but other than that is was all fine. This time I didn't cure the polish under the light (as it didn't work!), so I had to wait. But since it was a mat polish it didn't take all that long. I'd say 10 minutes and I was ready to finish!

The result is pretty and it lasted me about three days, but I didn't expect more because of the mat polish.

I wish I would've done a better clean up job, but the black was a PITA to clean off! And of course, after everything was sealed it was impossible to clean!

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