NOTD: Maybelline Colorama Peach Cocktail with hearts


This was my last nail polish purchase before I go into labor :D. I wanted the Bourjois coral something nail polish, but they didn't have it so when I went to pay for my stuff I found this coral beauty.
I was hoping it is more of a peach color (as it looks in the bottle), but it's more on the red side.

But even with that 'surprise' I like it - oh and the bubbles formed because I was doing my manicure while the fan was on. 

Later I was bored, so I added some white hearts with a white metallic acrylic paint. Fun! It reminds me of Minnie for some reason...

I miss doing nail art, but I guess I will miss it even more in the next few months.. xD

But still... the next update will probably be baby related ;).


  1. awww. so cute :)

  2. Very pretty!
    Labour? Not funny at all :-) But after some time you will forget how hard everything has been (when my first son was 1 month old, sleepless, always hungry...I kept on saying "women that go for a second child are completely crazy". Then things settled and...13 months later I was pregnant with my kid#2

    Obviously I'm waiting for next "baby related" post!


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