Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello pumpkins (haha I love it!) <3,

Today it's time for a really interesting nail polish. I am usually really not into mauve nail polishes, but since this one is a gift I couldn't say no. But it has an interesting 'feature'. Pink shimmer, which is visible only at certain angles. When you look directly, there is none, but with the corner of your eye you can see there is something more to the mauve.. 

I applied it without any base coat, since I was super lazy. I also doubted in its opacity, but honestly it rocks. 2 coats - 1 could do, but the 2 are for the pictures ;). It dries quickly <3! Which is also awesome for all those people that don't use quick drying top coats (like me ATM).

So, it has pink shimmer, easy application (I love the chunky brush), great opacity, quick drying. I am in love! =)

First the micro shimmer - pink (and also purple) <3

Shadow - no trace of anything pink

Sun - with the corner of your eyes, you notice the pink shimmer on some nails.. 

 Still looks somewhat flat..

But there it is again.. :D

Anyway, the polish is a true cream polish (when it comes to application). And in normal inside light it looks just that - a nice mauve cream polish.

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  1. I love the new blog cover photo, you look so beautiful! I'm not a fan of mauve either but I like that there are pink shimmers in this one :) btw I tagged you on my recent post, have a great weekend!


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