EOTD: Magic night


Today I had 20 minutes off, so I could do a nice make up look. Well I was also inspired, so I decided to try something new. Something I never did before.
And since I love glitter, I wanted to integrate that into my make up.

I also did a warmer version, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I used:
*E.l.f. sheer eyelid primer
*Fyrinnae pixie epoxy
*Essence black liquid eyeliner (I love style)
*L'oreal black khol
*CS 88 matte palette
*Maybelline Volum' express mascara
*Sleek Makeup Noir eyeshadow
*Green, blue, yellow glitter


  1. Beautiful! Your eyes are so gorgeous! MashAllah!

    Which mascara did you use? It clumped a lot! My mascara does that too. You can use a lash brush afterward to separate them.

  2. @Burcin
    Thank you dear <3.
    I actually used two mascaras. One was applied even before I started with the make up, and later I used the pink huge one from Maybelline. They look a bit clumped because I managed to bump in them with the liquid eyeliner:D.


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