Pregnancy from Week 25 to 29

Week 25
This week I got my diabetes test on my schedule. I had to go to the laboratory at 7:00, then they took my blood and I had to sit until 8:00 when I was given this disgustingly sweet thing (3dl of glucose, not sure if it was diluted with water or not). My baby started to kick like crazy after I drank the thing. I was also feeling really dizzy and high and also weak. It was just terrible! I sat for another hour (my butt was already hurting!), when at 9:00 they took another sample of my blood. I felt relieved since there wasn't all that sugar in my blood.
Another hour of sitting and another sample of blood. After 10:00 and the last sample of blood, I was free to go.

Not to say that I didn't want to see anything sweet for a couple of hours, ew!
The baby also started to kick more and more (well I can feel him kicking more and more), and those kicks aren't really on the pleasant side.
(week 29 - dressed up)

Week 26
The baby is growing, and I can say he is growing by my back hurting a lot! I mean, it hurts only when I sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, because of my new way of standing. It's not really painful, but it is annoying and it drains my energy.

If I want to pick up anything, I have to bend my knees and then do it. Sleeping on my back is now a huge no-no, since in the morning it will hurt a lot if I do that.
I had a huge quarrel with my flat mate and it almost got me to the labour room. It's been a stressful week. But I'm glad that we got over that shit - especially since the dude is a PITA and from now on he doesn't exist for me.

I've also been checking some baby items, which are all so cute!! <3

Week 27
The little boy is getting bigger and his kicks come as a shock to me (not all, but some are so strong that it takes my breath away!!). I've also been having problems with my joint bones. They've been hurting like hell - it's a weird kind of pain.. like the muscles inside hurt. And because of it I can't really sleep, and feel really drained during the day. :( So far I didn't find a real solution (except lots of sleep and sweating during it), my immune system probably collapsed because of all the stress. :/

Week 28
This week has been quite uneventful, except for a cold or whatever the heck was it..  I also pee a lot more! And am feeling thirsty most of the time. :P Oh and my appetite is aiming for the sky. I ate ice cream and fruit salads daily and I thought I'd surely gain lots of weight. Well it turns out I gained 1kg in the whole month, yay :D
(on the right: Baby's profile)

Week 29
My partner and I started the parenting school, which is really informative. There were two lessons this week, next week it continues. I also got a check up from my gynecologist and so far everything is fine. I saw my baby's face in 3D (mad love!!). Plus I am already sweating like a pig, and outside is like 8 Celsius degrees, lol.. Also I am kind of freaking out at the thought of labour..  My tummy is getting bigger and bigger, each day it passes by.. 

(last day of week 29 - you can see that a bra makes a huge difference)
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