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I know it's been a while since I posted anything - but that doesn't mean I am not active on my new instagram account (add me: cherrycolors). 
That's why I decided to share some photos with you - my dear readers <3.

This week has been a really exciting one, full of work and trips.

First it started with some ice cream - yes! A popsicle that I love. Nom nom...   Then I took a photo of my orchid just to test the application. And well I love the effect!

I must say that for three consecutive evenings my dinner dessert was a fruit salad with ice cream. I loved that we prepared it together (me & my dear) and ate it when chatting.

Well most of these pictures are food pictures, because..  you know with being pregnant I am hungry most of the time :D.

On the last picture my dear looks like a bad-ass (notice the golden necklace, lol??). My dog looks terrified, which is also weird. 

Anyway.. it was a full week ^^.

I will keep you updated, now that instagram is installed on my phone ^^. Plus it's about time I post a nice little post on my blog.

Stay cool <3


  1. hmmm... meni napiše no user found :) jaz sem pa pink_diamond1988 :)

  2. P_D: probaj brez velikih zacetnic. Te bom jaz dodala .D

  3. :) hehe si me ze nasla:) jei:)


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