NOTD: Just Circus confetti


Sooo.... Two days ago I cut my nails back to short. Painfully short. Why? Well I wish I could say I broke one of them, but that isn't true. 
Since my nail polish chipped, and I didn't have a file with me plus I couldn't just leave it alone.. I bite it! EW! The nail got softer and then it broke. Hell yes. That happened to another nail, so I had to shorten all of them.

That's why when I got home, the first thing was to file down my nails and remove the nail polish. And since my nails are so short, that no nail polish could look good, I decided to try something different. Lazy proof too.

I applied just Essence Circus confetti. I am not sure if I like it, but I can survive with this manicure for a week. Especially because removing it, will be a pain in the arse.

Well, in real life it's prettier (shinier!), but that's pretty much it. It definitely needs a polish under, to add a little of something more to the manicure. 


  1. Ouch! That does look painfully short! That's a pretty polish though. :)

  2. @Nisha
    Truth to be said, they are painfully short. But luckily the bling bling of the polish is very distracting <3.


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