Essence Little Bakery TE (October - November 2011)


There's another upcoming TE from Essence (aren't we already excited?!). 
This time it's a series of hand creams (we all know those, no?) with gorgeous designs and intriguing scents.

There will be also a ring available, but not in Slovenia (that's why I included the ring picture in this post).

Hand Cream - 1,29€


  1. love to see or smell those cremes and the rings looks also cool, shame they dont have essence over here.

  2. I really like the yellow hand cream. The quality is much better than some of the other hand creams out there. I have re-purchased it twice :)

    Could you check out my blog and follow it if you like it? I've just started. I'll be reviewing/hauling lots of Manhatten products (that I love) - and can see you quite like too


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