Pure Ice Busted

Hey! :D

When I got home I decided that it's time to try a different nail polish, actually one that isn't mine. So I checked my sister's stash and found this beauty. 
It reminded me of the galaxy, of the stars and magic. It was perfect!

Well almost, because I didn't realize that it's very sheer! 
Next time I'll layer it over black or a very dark blue, so it will be just perfect.

The formula is lovely and I used 4 coats.

Isn't it gorgeous? 

Sadly it lasted only one day on my nails, but not because of the formula. Nope, it could stay for days if I wouldn't break a nail. So.. off it went. :)


  1. Mislim, da ima tale super layering potencial! :)

  2. Vau, resnično všečno! :)

  3. Biba, Ela: Jaaa cisto super bo za layering! Hvala punci <3


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