Essence Irreplaceable (04)

Hi dolls,

I won't blog as much as I did because I am planning on enjoying this summer (and life) to the maximum. Well I will take a day/some hours off and dedicate it to blogging, but I can't promise that I will blog daily.

But definitely the blog won't die :). So bear with me.

Today I gave away a lot of make up to a friend of mine because I realized I don't need that much make up. I mean, I still have loads and I will probably buy some more if I find something I really want to have. But for now it will be just.. make up looks etc. with what I have. :)

Anyway for you all.. a gorgeous shade from Essence. It's actually a beige (nude) color with lots of golden sparkles in it. It's very subtle but yet divine at the same time. I had to have it when I first saw it. I later found out that its number is 4 and that I had it in front of me in the store for the whole time. For some reason I thought its number was 34. 

Anyway... the application was perfect. 2 layers for full opacity and it dries quickly. Even without topcoat. And it stayed on me for 3 days. :)

Enough of the chit chat, time for pictures!

In real life it's more subtle and you have to be or on the daylight or look closely to see the magic part. So I totally think this is work safe ;).
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