NOTD: Bourjois 10 Days No Chip #16

Hi everyone!

I saw that Bourjois has put a new collection of nail polishes out two weeks ago. I was curious but the colors looked way too similar to the others I already own. So I decided to skip it.
But two days ago a friend of mine told me that she loves these polishes, that they are great and so on..  And since the closest DM was just over the road, off I went!

And there was another great thing - they were 50% off! Wohoo! So I got two.

I was checking this beauty, because it looked the most interesting of them all. I thought I don't have anything similar in my collection, but I guess I was wrong. Today I realized that one of my polishes (S-he 305 - old bottle) is quite similar, except it doesn't contain the subtle golden sparkles.

The polish texture is flawless. But the brush caused me quite a few problems. You see, they made it angled. Which was fine for my toe nails, but not for my hands. I couldn't do the curve normally, bleh!
I needed two coats, but one could also do. 

Oh and one thing I love about these polishes is the CLICK they make when you screw on the cap. Click :D

I'm not sure about lasting power, but if they stay on for 3 days it will be fine ;). 

Here you can see the golden sparkles

I didn't like how I couldn't find ONE picture on how does this polish look when worn! So here you go ;)!


  1. My sister and I were looking at these yesterday, but at €8 a bottle we left them where they were.

  2. Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you!

    Marox79: Woah 8€? Really? That's way too much. I saw them going in Muller for 6€ or something similar and in DM (drogerie Markt) for 5,95€ or sth similar. But luckily now they're -50% so I can afford them.


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