New Piercing! Anti Helix MD

Hi everyone! 

I wanted to get a new piercing and since I wasn't ready for a septum piercing I decided to go with something more common. An Anti-helix piercing. But I walked out with a MD (micro dermal) instead of a 'real' piercing.

It's really an experiment but I am sure it will work out just awesome. Actually it's going to be legendary :D!

Here's my experience diary.

Today I came to the idea that I should get myself pierced. I really liked the anti-helix and so I decided that this is it. I'm not a huge fan of cartilage piercings but what the heck, I wanted to get pierced today. And what's the most common piercing? Well ear piercings are very well accepted so I went with that.

That's why I called my piercer and made an appointment. I was supposed to show up a couple of hours later so I was super excited! Because I was of the mentality now or never, lol.

My ear is widely shaped and she couldn't do the piercing as I wanted it (she told me that before we started) so she suggested me being her experiment. She said that we could try putting a micro dermal in there. I was up to it,.. 
I wanted a low frontal helix, but not as you normally see it. I also don't like BRCs. 

I picked my bling bling front part of the m. anchor and we were ready to go. 
She told me to go check the marking, and because I wanted it to be a bit lower she gave me the toothpick with the ink on it and I marked it myself. :P 

It didn't really hurt. I'd say 1.5/10. I was expecting it to hurt like a bit*h but nooo.. it was fine! I wasn't scared because why should I be, it's just a tiny hole.. lol? I didn't feel the adrenaline rush (what, am I immune to it lol?) but I was veeeery happy when I saw my new piercing! It was done so quickly that I have no idea what she did. I suspect she used the punch and taper method. I'm not sure, I am just speculating here. After all I can't see my own ears.

This is my first microdermal and we'll see how it goes. So far it doesn't hurt anymore, but I can feel that something is there (lets say it's a bit sore?). Hopefully it won't reject or anything and maybe this will be the new IT piercing? 

At this point I have to add that A LOT of people have told me (on the  piercing community) that there's no way it's going to last (or that it will take a LONG time to heal and even then it's not 100% it will heal) and that it was a stupid idea. But at this point I really don't give a damn about what they think. I will firmly believe it will heal just lovely (because after all it's usually about belief and care). And even if it will reject, I will enjoy every single day of this journey!

After two days it's been fine, it doesn't hurt if I don't touch it. It's not sore. If I touch it I know it's there and I can feel it being a bit tender, but that is it. I got some random throbbing for a couple of seconds, but no warmness or similar stuff (tho my tragus piercing was being a bit*h the day I got the MD).

And some pictures.

YAY! :D I will make another post in a couple of months, well when it will be healed. Or if anything goes wrong, which hopefully won't! :)

OH and if you want to know what a micro dermal anchor is, read here.

That's it for today's entry. :)
Please share your thoughts, I don't bite. 


  1. Pretty! :) mi je ful všeč barva microdermala in še plac je malo nenavaden :) lepo :)

  2. I love it! some of my friends have microdermal too (mainly in the neck and then near the throat) and they adoore them!!

  3. @Helena: Hvala, celo Luki je vsec. Pravi da je lepsi od tragusa... haha ampak po mojem misli samo na kamencek :P!

    @Alice: Thank you! I can't wait for it to heal completely!

  4. I have two microdermals on my lower back. They took about a week to heal and have been in for about 6 months now with no problems at all. I love them!

  5. Taen2692: A week? The estimated time is 1-3 months.. but we'll see with mine. One week later and it's doing GREAT! :D

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thanks!

  6. I have two of those above each other! :) love them


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