NYX Paradise

Hello dears,

I bought this nail polish from Nihrida and wow it's divine! Because it's super sheer I layered it over Deborah 10 (matte). 

I used one coat, to get this effect. But damn it has a funny smell. It's sweet but sweet-rotten. LOL. 

Anyway off to the pictures.



Ahh I miss my long nails. A rhinestone would look fantastic with this manicure. <3 

What do you think?


  1. ful je lep lakec....mors se povedat potem, kok je obstojen:)

  2. I like the length of your nails. Not too short nor too long. I keep mine about the same length.

  3. PinkDiamond: Ej tega ti ne vem povedati, ker so se mi naslednji dan polomili nohti :(.

    Marox79: I agree, this length is the best! :D

  4. I love this colour- I NEED IT!


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