Lapis of Glitter Valley

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I took a day off from blogging and went on a lovely trip with my dear and my dog. It was awesome, we walked for about 5km in the forests. Lovely! ^^
Hopefully we will return there during summer, because the water is fantastic!

Anyway I'll show you my NOTD of last week. I took it off, because it chipped yesterday. I must have bumped my nails into something. I don't really know ^^.

I used:
*Essie Lapis of Luxury
*Essence Hallo Holo
*Essence Circus Confetti

I'm also thinking about making another video, hopefully with sound this time. My accent sounds russian, lol! :P

I'm also sorry for the crappy pictures, I had to steal them from my twitter account, since my PC has been fixed and all my pictures (the ones I forgot to move,lol) are now long gone.. Whoops! :<

Enjoy your day ^^

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