Galaxy Manicure

Hi lovelies! :D

I'm back and I am finally blogging again. I missed you :D! Did you miss me? 

Anyway while I was gone I had plenty of time to do my manicure. I took with me only three nail polishes and one of them was Essie Sexy Divide. Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous nail polish but it is extremely hard to capture on the camera. 

And with me I also had Essence Circus Confetti which is always sold out in our Muller. That's why my sister had to get it for me. The first moment I saw this topper, I knew I had to use it with a purple base. I knew it would look fantastic!

That's exactly what I did.

Essie Sexy Divide (Winter 08 collection)

Hahaa how cute my short nails look! 

And with Circus Confetti. For some odd reason I couldn't take a decent picture of the manicure.

Doesn't it look like a bunch of planets, stars and so on? <3


  1. Uh, čudovito je! Moram nekje najdit tale Essence glitter :)

  2. waw z bleščicami je še lepši <3

  3. This is gorgeous! Very pretty with the glitter on.

  4. s topperjem zgleda totalno kjut <3


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