NOTD: Deborah Sense Tech 100% MAT 10


Two days ago I had to add another nail polish (well two) to my collection, so now I have exactly 100 colored nail polishes! YAY! That is more than enough... :P

Anyway I went to Muller where I met this very nice girl that knows me from another forum and YT (hii!) and that's when I picked up this gorgeous blue shade.

I am really not into matte polishes, because well I don't know. I was all crazy about them before they got popular (it's the same with crackle polishes) and I even got TWO matte top coats and still.. not crazy about them.
But this blue polish was calling my name. Really. I swear xD!

With it I could pick another polish from the same brand as a gift, yaaay. And I got the one I was wanting for years but was always too cheap to actually buy it (what, 7€ is too much for a nail polish anyway). I will show it to your next time.

Here it is in its original form (dries to a satin finish)

Super pretty right? And that's only ONE COAT!! Can you believe it? This polish is opaque in only one coat. 

And of course I wouldn't be myself, if I wouldn't apply a shiny top coat.

Ahh, it's so pretty! These 7€ were well spent. But it is somehow similar to Essence Caribbean Sea. I'm not sure but it may be. I'll do a comparison soon.
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