NOTD: Deborah Sense Tech 100% MAT 10


Two days ago I had to add another nail polish (well two) to my collection, so now I have exactly 100 colored nail polishes! YAY! That is more than enough... :P

Anyway I went to Muller where I met this very nice girl that knows me from another forum and YT (hii!) and that's when I picked up this gorgeous blue shade.

I am really not into matte polishes, because well I don't know. I was all crazy about them before they got popular (it's the same with crackle polishes) and I even got TWO matte top coats and still.. not crazy about them.
But this blue polish was calling my name. Really. I swear xD!

With it I could pick another polish from the same brand as a gift, yaaay. And I got the one I was wanting for years but was always too cheap to actually buy it (what, 7€ is too much for a nail polish anyway). I will show it to your next time.

Here it is in its original form (dries to a satin finish)

Super pretty right? And that's only ONE COAT!! Can you believe it? This polish is opaque in only one coat. 

And of course I wouldn't be myself, if I wouldn't apply a shiny top coat.

Ahh, it's so pretty! These 7€ were well spent. But it is somehow similar to Essence Caribbean Sea. I'm not sure but it may be. I'll do a comparison soon.


  1. wauuuu, ful lep <3 sploh mat verzija je super! :)

  2. Tale je res božanski, ampak če nisi uporabila podlaka boš imela hudo zabarvane nohte! Sem potem ko sem ga odstranila bila kr precej jezna, ampak vseen glede na to kakšen lepotec je sem mu na koncu oprostila.
    Mogoče je odtenek modre res podoben Caribean Sea, ampak Deborah srebrne bleščice, ki ga naredijo drugačnega, pa še mat je =)

  3. Sparkle: Jaaa res je lep! :D

    Colorfulbottle: Sem imela podlak, pa se super je zdrzal.. (pretty woman/girl). Sem videla pri ciscenju kaksna packarija je nastala tako da se dobro da sem ga imela. No way da ne furam podlaka vec.. :)


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