Quick Swatch: Everyday Minerals Sample Kit + Kaolin + Neutral Ivory

Hello dears,

A month ago I ordered  a bunch of samples from Everyday Minerals. I got myself a full sized Fair Neutral Semi-Matte Base, and hoped it would match. But since I heard how great is their Kaolin powder, I had to have it. A sample first, because I can't mess up two things, right?
And a sample of their finishing powder. 

I got the package only 33 working days after it was shipped (which is REALLY long for them - usually people from my country get it in 11 days). But anyway I was really happy, and had to open everything right away and try it out!

My skin is really fair, I match Bourjois Bio Detox #51. 

I'm still not really sure it any of these is a match for me. I must be blind. But I'm guessing that Sandy fair and Ivory may work for me? I'll test them out and see.

I was waiting for these to arrive, so I can finally see if I can work with mineral foundation. So far I love it, but my T-zone gets shiny after 4 hours. Even with Kaolin powder. 

Any tips?


  1. ja obozavam everyday minerals, jedino mi njihove podloge savrseno odgovaraju, i po boji i po teksturi. ja sam fairly light neutral i obicno uzimam original glow formulu.
    i kistovi su im odlicni :D

  2. VariolaVera: Hvala ti za komentar! <3

  3. Jaz EDM ne menjam več...njihov minerlac mi odlično paše na kožo (čeprav je suha) in sicer v original glo formuli. En full size lonček pa ji je zdaj zdržal pol leta...halo, puder stane 10€ s poštnino več :P kaj češ lepšega.

    O njihovih blushih sploh ne bom začela ker so odlični, korektor je pa tudi eden izmed boljših!


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