Sugarpill Contest Entry!

Remember how I said I'll try to do some creative make up every week?
Well this contest was a great opportunity to go out of my comfort zone.

I used a lot of Kyrolan's white cream eyeshadow (supracolor) and over it a bit of silver (SleekMakeUp) and some holo glitter, that didn't want to stick.
I added a couple of rhinestones and did my hair. 

It's not a lot of make up, but.. the eyebrows took me a lot of time to do.

It was fun, haha! Now I realized that I CAN do make up at night! I have a damn powerful flash, so yay! More creative make up experiments will follow in the next weeks! :)

And when the voting time will come, I'll post a link for you all to vote (if you'd like to daily).


  1. wow!
    this is awesome!

    good luck on the contest,sweetie!

  2. Woooow- you bejeweled your eyebrows! <33 And I love the colour palette you used for these photos.

    And I love that last picture: you look so fierce. C: I'll definitely vote if you post the link up~.

  3. Wow! Nice work! I LOVE this look :) Good luck in the contest.



  4. Thiamere: Thank you! ^^

    Noxin: Thank you dear, I actually had a lot of fun! ^^

    Hardcore Makeup Junkie: <3 Thanks dear.


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