Review: Kelier Crackle Nail Polish in BLACK


This is my first crackle nail polish, so I don't really have any experiences with them. I got this polish from the Born Pretty Store for a review.

They have several colors to choose from, but I decided I want to try the classic one - the black crackle polish.

The bottle is very bulky, and it contains 15ml of product. 
Sadly (as other crackle polishes do) it gets a bit chunky after a couple of uses (mine got thicker after 3 uses), so a thinner isn't a bad idea.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I guess I hoped it would dry fast. 
Well, sadly it takes a while to dry, so the cracks form only after it's completely dry.

It smells a bit sweet, which makes me think it may contain toluene? I'm not sure about that.

So I used it in two different ways. The first was over a dry manicure.  That was a terrible idea. I tell you, the horror that happened was just unthinkable!

So I applied it over a dry manicure, waiter for a couple of minutes that it dried. And when it dried it just cracked, but it didn't hold onto the nail. Nope. If I touched the manicure it would crack at the point and slide off. If I blew into the manicure it would just fly away! Well, it made a terrific effect on the nails, so at least it was fun.

A coat of top coat made it stay in place. After it was hard to remove ;D.

But to keep the crackle polish from flying/sliding away there's the second way of applying it.
Which is a wet manicure. Yes, you should put it over a fresh manicure. That way it won't go anywhere. 
The thinner the coats you apply, the smaller the cracks will be. Plus it will dry faster.

+ Creates an interesting effect on the nails.
+ It's very opaque.
+ Pretty long lasting (except on the tips, and especially on my shorter nails).
+ You can decide what kind of effect you want (small crackles - thin layer, big ones - thicker layer)

- You shouldn't apply it over a dry manicure (instead just put a layer of clear polish over your manicure and then the crackle polish)
- Takes a while to dry.

Price: 5/5 ♥ (4,52$)
Rating: 3/5 

After all, it's not a bad polish. I realized I'm not a huge fan of black, especially when my nails are like super short! But It's all good, and the effect it gives it cool. I'm not a huge fan of crackle polishes, but if you like them, go for it. It's cheap and it will last you a while.
I heard that the colored crackle polishes are pretty awesome! :D

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  1. hmmm...a cracking polish that applies on a wet polish..that's a new one
    but i think the cracking effect is not that good though.

    thanks for the review,hun!

  2. Thiamere: Yes, it's a weird effect. But I read that the colored crackle polishes are so much better!


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