Easy Nail Art - Diagonal Stripes

Hi dears, last week I was playing with my nail art polishes and came up with this!

I used three different polishes for the stripes, purple, pink glitter and cold pink. Super easy, but I'm not sure if the colors work together. :(

Short nails are just...  Bleh! I mean, alright they are super cute, but they keep layering and the manicure doesn't last long enough *rant*.


  1. pa sej je kul...ceprou jz bi vijolcno zamenjala s kaksno drugo..hmm mogoce crno?:) hehe...

    drgac so mi pa te kratki nohtki ful lustni:) ...nekak bol urejeno mi zgledajo, kot dolgi:) sama namrec ne maram prou dolgih:):) hehe...

    ajaaa fuuuul lep layout maš:) :)

  2. Pink_Diamond: Hvala ti! Sem bolj eksperimentirala in se mi zdi da prav cudno izgleda, hih.. In pa hvala <3!!

    Vanessa Joy: Thank you <3


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