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Hi dolls,

Yesterday I was too lazy to blog (and well I actually didn't have time since I was at work until 3PM and then I went out with my dear, sister and dog until 7PM and then it was time to head out). But today I have this super cute manicure for you all.

The polish and the stickers have a story behind. Whenever I walked past the shelves of DM, I was checking out this beautiful nail polish. But at that point I had ALWAYS bought a couple of things I didn't need, so I skipped it.
But it seems that at one point I bought it. I can't remember exactly when, because I put it on my nail polish shelve and forgot about it. Until four days ago. 

And you know what? It's gorgeous. 
I also added some stickers by Essence (1,49€) that I was eying for a couple of months. They are super cute and make the whole manicure look less classy, but more playful.

I used two coats of it, and a top coat by Essence. It was surprisingly dry pretty quickly! 
It lasted for 3 days (and it would probably last two more, but I saw that my nails were peeling so I started picking at them).

Gorgeous. I must say that this is a really pretty red, for a fraction of a price (less than 2€)!


  1. ooh nice colour. I like the white bows, they stand out really well. I think solid white love hearts would work better too x

  2. Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you! I agree with you, solid white hearts would probably look SO MUCH better :D!

    Helena: Jaaa!! :D Sploh na shortish nohtih!


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