Quick Swatch: MAC Baked Mineralize Blush in Hand-Finish

Hi lovelies!

I've been using this lovely product for a while and I still love it. I got many compliments while wearing it and I agree, it's divine.
But honestly I am not sure if I'd repurchase it (it was a gift), because it's very expensive and there are several dupes out there, plus I have never been in a MAC store before. Hopefully one day.. one day they will come to my country.
I think that if I use my Essence Winter LE (Go Snow) + shimmer finish (Essence - Moonlight) I get the same result or very similar result.

Of course I will use it (hopefully before the 'I must throw it away' date), because it's really pretty. Sadly with almost daily use there's still A LOT left!

What to say? It's still my favorite blush, because it's perfect for my pale complexion (to give me an extra wow factor) and it stays quite a lot of time. Not the whole night, mind me but 5-6 hours for sure. I don't mind reapplying it, because it's just divine.

Want, want, want!
If you can get your hands on it.. do it :D. I know this was a LE (Color Craft Collection), but I have seen those on Ebay. Tho you never know if what you get is real..


  1. Hi!! thanks for coming by my blog! I love mac makeup and the other thing I really need it lessons on makeup overall so I look forward to learning from you!!!
    xox J

  2. Mislim da sm neki podobnega tud js gledala u MACu in mi je takoj stoplo u oči. Tak da sm se odločla da naslednič mogoče vzamem kej podobnega (čeprav imaš po eni strani prav- velik podobnih zamenjav lahko najdeš) :)

  3. It does look like a lovely color. Wow I loved that colection.. it seems like so so long ago! Scary how quickly time passes.. xx

  4. aha.. dobro vedet... lih rabim nov blusher... bom šla prečekirat v maca :)

  5. Thats such a nice shade :) I missed this skin finish and I'm totally kicking myself now :(. I find mac products really hard to finish up too haha! x


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