Candy manicure

Hello everyone!

Today I have a picture of my ex manicure, which I wore for Halloween! It was super bright and fun, but sadly I had to take it off the next day (because my dear wanted me to have natural nails for the photo shoot).

Anyway I used:

  • *white nail polish - 2 or 3 coats (can't remember)
  • *Kiko nail polish in pink
  • *Essence Status Symbol 
  • *ChG Strawberry Fields to add a bit of sparkle

Oh well, I really liked having candy nails. They were SO bright! And now I'm super happy because I know that using a white nail polish under ANY color will make it brighter. xD Lol like if it isn't obvious.

Today I also finished reading a book, called 'Madame Bovary', which I read years ago, but now it was more or less a must. The book is very depressing. Very, the end is just..  ;_; And now I need to read 100 ways to cheer me up. Bleh!

I hope you had a lovely day,


  1. Super manikura, če bi jo videla v živo bi jo pomoje začela kr jest=)

    Gospa Bovary je pa res ena depresivna knjiga( če se prav spomnim je delala samomor z arzeniko-strupom za podgane). Če pa res najdeš kako knjigo z naslovom v smislu 100 way to cheer me up, pa se priporočam za avtorja in naslov =)

  2. colorfulbottle: Knjige zal se nisem nasla, imam pa en link ki je zelo podoben (100 things to do when you are upset):

    Ja, z arzenikom se je sla ubit... :( Meni je bil opis moza depresiven, ona mi je bila taka.. patoloska osebnost, da bi se mi dokaj tezko realno smilila .)).

    Manikura pa me je spravljala v candy mode.. sem bila konstantno lacna.

  3. o.o <33

    I think... that is literally my favourite NOTD ever. So darn cute~!!

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